The Back Roads Parish

The Back Roads Parish is a mission
to share transformational faith in Jesus Christ
with the communities along the back roads of Montana. 

His master then told him,
"Go out along the back roads and make people come in, so my house will be full."  Luke 14:23

Montana is very vast and very rural.  At least 232 zip codes, out of 367 in the state, have less than 1000 in population.  While most of the nation calculates population density in people per square mile, along the back roads of Montana it is calculated square miles per person.  When the pandemic required social distancing of 6 feet, we wondered, "Why so close?"  We have lots of elbow room, and we like it that way.

But, that comes with a catastrophic spiritual consequence.  The national percentage of people who claim to have faith in God is 49.4%.  The line of states just to our east: ND, SD and NE are 68.4%, 59.6% and 56.5% respectively.  They could be called a mid western "Bible Belt."   But, to our south, Wyoming is at 40.9%, and here in Montana it's 38.7%...a mission field!

Now, these percentages only consider if an individual claims to have a faith in God.  It does not consider if that faith is transformational.  But, lets face it...

...if faith is not transformational, then it is simply a positive opinion in the existence of God. 
The danger of a mere opinion is that it is susceptible to the influence of a stronger or louder argument.

No matter how you define "transformational," the mission field of Montana is obvious.  For many in the rural areas, where in some the percentage drops to 25% and even down to 20%, it is often the lack of opportunity to hear the truth and be given the chance to have a life changing, day by day, moment by moment, step by step, heart, soul, mind and strength relationship with Jesus.

The Back Roads Parish endeavors to invite individuals to walk in the light as Christ is in the light:  To enjoy fellowship with Him, and by his grace and love,
to have all their sins washed away!

Our first contact with these communities is The Door, a concert revival event that uses music and word to walk individuals into the light and invite them into a transformational relationship with Jesus.  We are "rural missionaries" and the back roads of Montana is our mission field.  We live by faith, depending on the generosity and support of individuals like you.  Would you pray and consider joining our support team.  The Back Roads Parish is a rural outreach ministry of The Point, a rural Montana church and 501c3 charity.  Your tax deductible gift can be given using the "GIVE" link below.  Simply designate "The Back Roads Parish" in the "GIVE TO" menu.

We hope to reach every rural zip code in the next 5-7 years with a goal to reach 10,000 souls for Christ.  If you have been looking for a worthy cause to give support to, would you consider The Back Roads Parish?  We need 50 people to sign up to donate $100 a month, or 100 to give $50/month, or 200 to give $25/mo, or 500 to give $10, or 1000 to give $5...  We need individuals to give one gift of $500 or $1000 or more.  Would you be one of those individuals?  Pray about it, and then use the link below.  Thank you.

If you desire to communicate with us about a larger donation, text #GIVE to 406-296-5344.  To receive updates about the ministry on your phone, text #BRP.   Thank you.

If you were led by The Door concert to step into the light as Christ is in the light to live in fellowship with Him, either to begin a relationship with Him, or to renew your relationship with Him, I would like to pray for you by name for the next 40 days.  Would you let me know by texting #TheDoor to 406-296-5344.  Let's begin a conversation!  I look forward to speaking more with you.